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Not available online. For outlets selling these lines please see the “Stockists” section.
The following designs are available on a variety of products: greeting cards, magnets, gift tags, large and small mounted prints and laminated prints. Also available: bookmarks, postcards and two large magnets. Please note not all designs are available in every format. Please select each picture for availability as a product.

Actual products do not depict the watermark, this only appears on website images.



1. Emu




2. Wren




3. Joey




4. Edna



Upside Down Emu

5. Upside Down Emu




6. Camel



Five Emus

7. Five Emus



Chick & Egg

8a. Chick & Egg



Chick & Eggs

8b. Chick & Eggs




9. Twisted




10. Chicks



Two Emus

11. Two Emus




12. Dogs



Koala with leaf

13. Koala with leaf




14. Frog



Koala in fork

15. Koala in fork



Upside Down Emu

16. Upside Down Emu



Two Kookaburras

17. Two Kookaburras



Red Roo and Joey

18. Red Roo and Joey




19. Stripey



20. Bookmark


Greetings from Downunder

21. Greetings from Downunder


Stunned Emu

22. Stunned Emu


Where's Stripey

23. Where's Stripey



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