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Wendy visiting a school

Wendy is a popular presenter at schools and libraries across Australia, and is available for bookings during 2015.

Her visits are aimed at children from Pre-Primary to grade 6, and she can take up to 100 children per session, as long as they are a similar age group.

Sessions are 1 hour long, and because of preparation time Wendy only accepts full day visits, which entail 3 sessions. This can be shared with another school/library, as long as it is close by.

Rates are Standard ‘Australian Society of Author’ rates of $600 plus GST per full day visit. Travel costs may be added for regional areas. Wendy is happy to fit in with the school timetable.


Wendy wrote, illustrated and self-published her first 3 books, about an emu chick called Stripey.  Her first book, ‘Where’s Stripey?’ won the Western Australian Premier’s Award for Children’s Books and has sold over 120,000 copies. ‘Scrambled Egg’ and ‘Invisible Me’ are also about Stripey and Wendy is currently searching for a new adventure for this lovable character, who will also star in a stage show in 2015.

Wendy has recently illustrated 2 books for Scholastic Australia, ‘10 Clumsy Emus’ and ‘Hush, Little Possum’, a very different experience to self-publishing!

Another very different endeavour was creating a commercial picture book with the Primary School kids of Lord Howe Island.


Because Wendy has written, illustrated and self-published most of her books, she is familiar with the whole process of creating a book, from the tiny germ of an idea to when the book appears on the shelves. She shares this with the students, with videos of a book being printed, and examples of storyboards, roughs and final illustrations.

Wendy sketches throughout the session, while talking about emus, camouflage, and where story ideas come from. She talks about drawing an animal and how to give it character, and demonstrates how animals are drawn using simple shapes. At the end of the session She helps the kids draw their own animal, which they get to take home. Teachers and students alike love this part.

Requirements are smartboard/projector for PowerPoint display, and A4 paper for the kids to draw on (Wendy supplies the leaning boards and pencils).

Wendy is also available for sessions which are wholly about drawing, where the kids will learn some more difficult techniques.


This is feedback from one of the teacher librarians:

Also, the fantastic reports keep flooding in from teachers who have had parents saying to them on the amazing impact you had on their kids. I kept getting thanked for organising you to come here as the children just keep talking about your visit and they gained so much. One mum burst into tears as she recounted how her son came home motivated to draw and read which hadn’t interested him previously. Also, reports of many children inspired to draw and each child experienced such success with you. You enhanced their self-esteem incredibly. The children have had much to say about the printing process and are amazed that only four colours create all the colours needed by being printed in tiny dots. They know a lot about emus too!  Thank you for an awesome day!  

For more details or to book an author visit, please contact Wendy via her contact page.




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